Our Legacy

Creating Partners for Tomorrow

Our story starts almost 35 years ago, with our founders Bob Mareina and Cindy X, two college students and their singular vision for a future together: to build a company that serves the needs of the evolving workplace.

After graduating from the University of Southern California and completing some years at UPS and as a teacher respectively, they invested everything they had in a startup office supply business. Over the next 35 years we have grown and evolved from a retail supplier of office supplies into one of the largest distributors of office furniture and related products in Southern California, appealing to a more design focused, contemporary audience.

Our recent alignment with Teknion reflects this evolution. However, even as we have grown into a larger, company with a fresher face and richer story to tell, the entrepreneurial spirit of Bob and Cindy still defines the culture of our company— as does our commitment to our family of employees, and our relationship with our customers. It is these values that will define us as we continue to build our business one relationship at a time.