4 Ways To Create a Workplace People Want To Come Back To

4 Ways To Create a Workplace People Want To Come Back To

Over the last few years, many employees have grown accustomed to working from home and enjoy the feeling of increased flexibility in their schedules. Rather than talk with coworkers on breaks, they can throw a load of laundry in, and there’s no commute into the office. Despite this, working from home isn’t perfect—especially when attempting […]

Make Teachers and Administrators Safe with Simple School Re-Designs

Safer School Environment 80% of teachers are concerned about their own health and risks regarding a return to in-person teaching for this school year, as shown in a recent NPR/Ipsos poll. This presents a challenge for the leaders of education around the country. To ease the worries of educators, we have some simple design alterations [...]

Pandemic Campus Life: What Does It Look Like?

Before the pandemic, college students were active around campus catching up with fellow students while on their way to a crowded lecture hall and later meeting friends in a cafeteria for lunch. Between classes they may have studied in the library or even met up with their club later in the evening. Now, the behavior […]

Post-Pandemic Classrooms with Safety in Mind

  The 2020 school year was a challenge to say the least, leaving students and faculty weary. With the start of 2021 educators and administration are diligently working out what the teaching environment will look like with schools re-opening. Space is an issue and some staff will contemplate whether the sole option will be students […]

Pandemic Challenges: Building Classroom Community & Culture

A school’s culture is defined by student experiences every year. Homecoming games, pep rallies, and even late-night study sessions make up some of those examples. As we move through Q1 2021, some institutions are now teaching in-person. Others continue to operate remotely, while still others have implemented a combination of both methods. Regardless of the […]

Five School Library Design Tips

With the reopening of school libraries, comes the need to reinforce health and safety concerns for all students. Educators are also tasked with providing a welcoming facility. In 2020 the American Library Association held their annual conference virtually. A key takeaway from participants was to create ways to grant safe social interaction. At bluespace interiors, […]

Screens for the office

  Desk screens, counter screens & panel extenders for the office by bluespace interiors. We are here to help you return to the workspace with quick solutions that mitigate the spread of infection. Get help ordering solutions to reopen your office.  

Workspace Germ Control and Indoor Air Quality

It’s more than surfaces. Clean viruses from the air with commercial, HEPA air filtration systems. The CDC warns that indoor air is more likely to transmit flu than surfaces; and indoor air is 5x more polluted than outdoor air. Our hospital grade, commercial HEPA air filtration system purges viruses, pollen and other pollutants from the […]