Catalog of Open Office Workstations From TEKNION

The open office, when planned right, will support heads down work and encourage collaboration. Imagine a workspace that transforms corporate culture and that your team feels good about living in. Browse the below catalog of open office workstations from TEKNION and let’s discuss the best solution for your workspace.  

Playing With Blocks – Teknion Bene Boxes For An Agile Workspace

  Playing With Blocks – Teknion Bene Boxes for an Agile Workspace This piece of Teknion furniture may look like a box, but it can also be a table, a bench, a desk, a shelving system, and so much more. Teknion’s Bene Boxes are building blocks that flexibly shape your space to support the needs […]

LeanTo – A Private Work Nook We Love

We all seek those places. The nooks and corners to escape, to collect our thoughts, and center ourselves. We’re also drawn to cozy settings to have conversations with colleagues and friends. Welcome to LeanTo. Outfitted to feel like it was built into your space all along, these furniture nooks are a turnkey way to create […]

Modern Office Furniture Los Angeles

Blueprints give people a plan to follow and a way to sketch out their desires. Get your office space blueprint and design inspiration with bluespace interiors’ showrooms and lookbooks. We’ve designed a wide variety of office spaces, varying in style, layout, and functionality. The interiors we create enhance workspaces in many ways, improving appearance, practicality, […]

Modern Office Furniture Orange County

Let’s plan a better workplace and design a dream office space. bluespace interiors has the largest selection of office furniture in Orange County. Whether you want to upgrade your workstations with ergonomic design elements or enhance the appeal of your office with modern pieces, our furniture store in Orange County has you covered. Our collection […]

office lounge furniture

The Comfy Workspace 2019 Collection

Browse our latest collection of comfy work space furniture below and let’s plan a more comfortable and engaged workplace together. Work Lounge Fall2019Collection by on Scribd

office waiting area furniture

Empowering Choice – Social Workspaces

Social work spaces allow people to choose how, where and with whom they do their best work. Whether catching up with colleagues, collaborating on a project, or finding time to focus, social spaces offer a range of options for all kinds of work. Work wherever. Social spaces cultivate connections between people, work and the places […]

open office furniture

Teknion Video Case Study: Ziegler Cooper Architects

From the beginning of the relocation process, Ziegler Cooper Architects sought ways to make its new office an inspiring and sustainable place to work. During construction, low-emitting materials were chosen for paint, sealants, finishes, flooring and furniture systems and more than 68 percent of the wood used was certified with the Forest Stewardship Council. Teknion’s […]

Design Does Matter – An Interview with Michael Vanderbyl

Interesting talk from Michael Vanderbyl in TEKNION’S “Design Does Matter” video series. Being authentic is what will sustain a brand. Michael Vanderbyl, Multidisciplinary Designer in San Francisco describes a well conceived brand as a 360 degree experience, with good design at its core. Branding is not for the moment, it is for the long term. […]

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Video – What Makes a Great Workspace – 2019 Workplace Survey

The award winning Architecture and Design firm, Gensler, publishes research discussing trends in workplace design and key findings from multiyear workplace surveys. “Great workplaces create more engaged employees; and more engaged employees are the key to business productivity and profit,” they say. See a summary of the findings below: