Preparing for the
Return to the Workplace:
Solutions that
Mitigate Infections

A comprehensive workplace solution for workspace interiors, facilities & supplies.

Personal Protection Equipment (Masks, Gloves, Sanitizer)Create Separation with Counter ShieldsGerm Control, Cleaners and SanitizersProvide Home Office SolutionsScreens & Panels for Separation
HEPA Air Filters to Clean Air
Signage & Walking Path Indicators
Reconfigure the Workplace for Social Distancing
Touch-Free Solutions to Minimize Touchpoints
PPE Monthly Replenishment Subscription

What You Need Now


Personal Protection Equipment, Health Monitoring & Touch-Free Solutions

• Masks
• Gloves
• Hand sanitizer
• Infection Prevention Centers for PPE storage and replenishment
• Infrared thermometers
• Tissues
• Touch-free trash receptacles
• Enclosures for wellness checks
• Back to Work Essentials: 1-month supply of PPE for each employee
(Inquire about our guaranteed subscription service)

Separation with Counter Shields

• Provide barriers / separation for your public facing employees
• Easily clean and disinfect
• Can be anchored to a surface or be free standing

EPA-Certified Cleaners & Sanitizers

2-part system dilution control – clean and sanitize
• For floors, tabletops and desks
• Use with mop and bucket or spray bottle for surface cleaning
• Sanitizer is a registered EPA Covid-19 fighter solution

Home Office Solutions

• The new normal includes de-densified offices and work from home employees
• Provide home office equipment to increase productivity and comfort

Separation with Screens & Panels

• Layer protection in the open office
•  Build screens / panels as separation
•  Free standing, built up on surfaces or counters
•  Wrap work surfaces in screens
•  Mobile whiteboards double as health screens
•  Customize solutions for your spaces

HEPA Air Filters

• The CDC warns us that air is more likely to transmit flu than surfaces; indoor air is 5x more polluted than outdoor air
•  Hospital grade, commercial HEPA air filtration
•  Purge viruses from the indoor air

Social Distancing & Walking Path Signage

• Floor decals and signage to enforce social distancing
• Posters to encourage best practices
• Indicators to direct walking paths

Get Started

Reconfigure Your Workplace for Protection

• Follow CDC guidelines for social distancing
• De-densify open workspaces
• Provide visual cues for personal workspaces
• Reconfigure your current systems
• Provide barriers & screens
• Rethink use of conference & social spaces
• Implement traffic patterns

Touch-Free Solutions to Minimize Touchpoints

• Hands-free hand-sanitizer dispensers
• Hands-free soap dispensers
• Hands-free paper-towel dispensers
• Hands-free flush valves for toilets
• Hands-free trash receptacles
• Hands-free water faucet