Preparing for the
Return to the Workplace:
Solutions that
Mitigate Infections

Reconfigure Your Workplace

We help you reconfigure for a safer workspace. Follow CDC guidelines for social distancing to de-densify open workspaces and provide visual cues for personal workspaces. Rethink the use of conferences, current systems and social spaces. Provide barriers, screens and implement traffic patterns to help build a safer workspace.

Screens, Panels and Barriers

Build screens and panels as a tool for separation for your public facing employees. Easily clean and disinfect to help keep the workspace safe. The screens, panels or barriers can be free standing, built up on surfaces or on counters. Mobile whiteboards can double up as health screens and be used for writing notes. Customize your workspace to fit your needs.

Personal Storage Solutions

The journey to the workplace can include public transport, cafes, interactions with schools and more. By placing storage lockers at the entrance of your workplace, you can create a more hygienic, safety barrier by reducing the number of items carried into the workplace.

Social Distancing Markers

Enforce social distancing guidelines with floor decals and signage. Include posters to encourage best practices on health and safety. Use indicators to direct walking paths to guide your visitors or employees.

UV Entry Gate

Sanitize all entrants entering your building in just 20 seconds. With just a 20 second, 360-degree turn, this ENTRYTM frame sanitizes clothing and personal belongings with the use of safe and effective UVC 222.

  • Made in the USA and Trade Agreement Act (TAA) compliant
  • Mitigates infection to promote healthier, indoor environments
  • Attacks the source where viruses and bacteria can be transported on people’s clothes and their belongings

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Workspace Reconfiguration
Screens, Panels and Barriers
Social Distancing Markers