3 Key Trends Driving
the Future of the Office

Everyone is wondering how the corporate sector is going to climb out of the pandemic and back into the workplace. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but these three trends remain constant as companies make their way back to the office.

1. Hybrid Work Experience

The need for a seamless hybrid work experience is in high demand. According to JLL research, more than half of corporate employers expect their staff to work from home at least two days a week post-pandemic. Office design will shift its focus from workstations to community spaces that foster collaboration. Right now, flexibility is key. The smart move is to fill office spaces with furniture solutions that can be easily reconfigured.

Check out our Flexible Solutions Lookbook for inspiration to prepare for your hybrid workplace.

2. Technology Centric Design

Virtual collaboration is here to stay. Work tents, Zoom rooms and plexiglass screens will greet many employees as they return to the workplace. Technology centric office design is crucial in improving the interaction between office and at-home workers. The adoption of these new and essential technologies can come with a hefty price tag. Let the experts at bluespace interiors assist your clients and design teams in finding a cost-effective technology solution for their space.

3. Sustainability and Wellness

Sustainability and wellness in office design will remain prevalent. The upfront costs of WELL and LEED certifications may seem steep, but over time, energy efficiency gains realized in the certification process usually pay for themselves. And not only that, these wellness-related investments typically result in improved employee health and retention. Don’t let the process become overwhelming. bluespace interiors can help manage your project to ensure it meets WELL and LEED standards.

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