Benefits of an Organized Desk in a Shared Workspace

3 Tips To Increase Comfort Levels in the Office

Offices were once uncomfortable places where employees buckled down and worked. Now, employees want to work in comfortable spaces that inspire connection and productivity. You can try various solutions to increase comfort levels in the office. The following three tips can get you started.

Offer Custom Temperature Solutions

Everyone’s body reacts to temperatures differently. What one person finds comfortable, another finds hot, and another finds cold. The best way to mitigate this issue isn’t to change the thermostat every half hour. Instead, offer custom temperature solutions, such as desk fans and portable heaters. If your employees don’t bring customers into their workspaces, then you can encourage blankets or let them open the windows. Provide various hot and iced drinks in the breakroom to warm up or cool down employees from the inside out.

Install Appropriate Lighting

Using task lighting, accent lighting, and general ambient lighting is the golden rule of illumination in residential spaces. Rooms should also have a source of natural light if possible. Bring this rule into your office so every area has appropriate lighting. You can install task lighting over desks, especially the ones far away from windows. Add accent lighting to highlight wall art. Ensure the room has good general ambient lighting, even when it’s dark outside. Use incandescent or LED lights for general ambient lighting since the gentler bulbs won’t strain employees’ eyes.

Provide Various Seating and Standing Options

Office work is notorious for forcing employees to hunch over desks all day. Break this bad posture habit by providing various seating and standing options throughout your space. Offer desks with ergonomic chairs for people who prefer to sit. Invest in convertible desks that allow workers to stand, or provide separate standing desks for movement options. Create a lounge with soft couches or chairs and accessible tables for workers who want to get away from traditional desk spaces.

Increasing comfort levels in the office is an important part of retaining your employees, boosting their productivity, and keeping them satisfied. These three tips can help you improve employee comfort. If you need modern office lounge seating to start upgrading your office, bluespace interiors can help. Our furniture adds elegance and comfort to any space.