4 Ways To Create a Workplace People Want To Come Back To

Over the last few years, many employees have grown accustomed to working from home and enjoy the feeling of increased flexibility in their schedules. Rather than talk with coworkers on breaks, they can throw a load of laundry in, and there’s no commute into the office. Despite this, working from home isn’t perfect—especially when attempting to collaborate with others. Discover the top ways to create a workplace people want to come back to so you can encourage your team!

Offer Hybrid Options

For over a year, working remotely was either highly recommended or required. Some companies went completely remote, and others set strict guidelines for employees until working in the office full-time became safe again. Many individuals got used to these changes and adjusted their schedules to allow for working at home.

Suddenly expecting them to come into the office five days a week can feel a bit jarring and may not work for everyone’s schedule. By offering a hybrid option, you can give employees more freedom and show them that you respect their time and work preferences.

Show Appreciation

It’s one thing to tell your employees you appreciate them but showing them takes it to another level. Consider adding in-office amenities such as buying them lunch on set days in the month.

Your employees put a lot of effort into improving the company, and when they know they’re more than a number, they’ll feel more inclined to bond in person with everyone. Why? Establishing relationships with and among your employees makes work more than just a source of income.

Reconsider Your Dress Code

Another tip for creating a workplace employees will want to return to is to consider relaxing the dress code. While your company may require employees to always look professional, allowing them to wear dark-colored jeans with a blouse or collared shirt can suffice. Likewise, if you work in an office and don’t have to see clients or customers in person every day, employees could wear t-shirts or sweatshirts with their jeans.

Many people enjoy working from home because they can wear cozy attire. By changing the rules for in-office clothing, employees will have another reason to want to come in.

Create an Open Space

Before you invite employees back into the office, take a look around for ways to improve the space. Do your workers have to sit in cubicles with high walls? Is there an area for your team to sit together for face-to-face meetings? When you eliminate physical communication barriers, such as those, employees will have another reason to come into the office. Likewise, going to work will offer one thing they can’t get at home—comradery.

Upgrade Furniture

Bluespace Interiors can help you revolutionize your workplace with open plan workstations. We’ll help you eliminate those office barriers with great furniture so you can create a welcoming space that encourages collaboration, connection, and communication. Ready to enhance your workplace? Contact us today!