Don’t let the size of your office dictate the dynamic and success of your company. Small offices might restrict your space, but they don’t have to limit your productivity. Work with what you have and expand your workspace capabilities. Explore five tips for maximizing a small office space.

1. Open Up the Floor Plan

Breaking down barriers in the workplace offers many benefits. Unnecessary walls and other visual blockades make your space feel even smaller by generating more restrictions. Removing those barriers opens up the space physically and visually. Without some form of a barricade in the way, you have more space to move around, greater possibilities for room layout flexibility, and an added sense of openness.

Pro Tip

If you need multiple private spaces in your office but still want to maximize space, opt for glass walls. The clear walls create the illusion of more open space. At bluespace interiors, our architectural walls help you redesign your office with innovative design solutions, like Optos and Altos, that uses glass walls to reshape your space.

2. Enhance Storage Solutions

Clutter creates visual chaos and takes up space, making your office appear and feel even smaller. Every surface space matters in a small office. Implementing storage solutions into your office allows you to keep your surfaces clutter-free and clean—you free up space for work and office essentials.

3. Improve the Lighting Situation

Lighting plays an influential role in how a space looks and feels. Low-lit spaces feel more compact as the light generates more shadows, letting darkness take up most of the space. Light is needed for people to work, illuminating workspaces. Limiting your light sources restricts your workspaces. Implementing more lighting options and maximizing natural light in your office opens up your space with illumination. Everywhere the light falls, it gives you another space suitable for use. Plus, well-lit spaces look more spacious as the brightness expands your field of view.

4. Make Use of Your Wall Space

Free up floor space by using your wall space. Walls provide you with a versatile blank surface. Hanging shelving, monitors, and display items on your walls frees up your floor and desk spaces. The more surfaces you utilize, the better you maximize every inch and corner of your office space.

5. Invest in the Right Furnishing

The furniture you choose affects how you use the space in your office. Large sofas take up a lot of space, but they allow you to seat more people, making them a great solution for a heavily populated office space. Moveable furniture pieces on wheels give you lots of flexibility, allowing you to switch up how you use your space at different times. Multifunctional furniture reduces the total number of individual pieces you need, giving you extra room on the floor. The office space furniture designs you invest in matter and reshape your workspace.

Maximize your small office space with these five design tips, and don’t let the size of your workspace affect your work conditions. Remain productive and on the path toward success, no matter the size of your office.