Design the Work Space to Feel More like Home

Traditionally speaking, going to work means leaving the home and spending the working hours in an office that had a commercial or industrial feel. The newest office design trend breaks that mold to create a new atmosphere for employees to work in. Resimercial combines characteristics of both residential and commercial design. By bringing the comforts of home into the work space, the environment feels more relaxed and comfortable and fosters an improved work environment. 

This new design includes a warm color palette, selected to create a welcoming and inviting feel over a sterile office environment. Lighting shifts away from commercial fluorescent overheads to more natural lighting, whether that be from windows which let natural light in, or installing lighting fixtures that emit a warm, natural feel. Curved lines and soft textures are used in furniture to invite the feel of the home into the work space. The incorporation of patterns, area rugs, shelving, and accessories also softens the work space to give a more residential feel. 

Companies are creating a variety of work spaces to accommodate the different needs that may occur throughout the day. For example, conferences and meeting rooms are not just rooms with tables and chairs; now meeting areas may be furnished with couches, lounge chairs, and coffee tables. Meeting areas may be extra space in a kitchen where employees can stand for an in-prompt-to meeting over coffee. Resimercial design also creates private work nooks for employees to work individually on a project instead of at their desks. 

It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of the workforce will be Millennials and Generation Z’s. These generations remain constantly connected to technology, so it is necessary that the work space is equipped with charging stations and areas that allow easy plug in of laptops and tablets. Millennials and Gen Zero’s also have a mindset that work and personal life isn’t as separated as the previous generations. With the new “blurred line” concept between work and home, companies also need to blurs the lines, which is why a resimercial design for the office is an important change. 

When employees are working in a welcoming office setting, they are more likely to be creative and have less stress. They feel more like themselves because they are working in an environment that is more natural. Studies have shown that when employees enjoy being at work, they are more productive and willing to spend more time at work. Employee retention is also increased when employees feel as if they are working in a physical setting that is like a home-away-from-home instead of a 9-to-5 daily grind setting. Designing the work space to feel more like home is an important step for a company seeking to improve employee morale and overall productivity.