Key Features of a Fully Equipped Office Reception Area

Key Features of a Fully Equipped Office Reception Area

What do you want to see when you walk into a business? Most people want to feel welcomed and get an immediate sense of direction, especially if they’ve never come into an office before. Reception areas are one of the best ways to provide a welcoming space that allows for easy navigation.

A fully equipped office reception area makes new patrons feel welcome and greets daily employees as they come in. Other key features of the space help people know where they are and what they should do next.

Obvious Business Name or Logo for New Patrons

One of the most important features of your office’s reception area is your business name or logo. Yes, you and your employees know where you work. However, other people don’t. Delivery people, new patrons, and other individuals want to see confirmation that they’re in the right spot as soon as they walk in the door. An obvious display of your business name or logo provides that reassurance.

Appropriate Workstations for Reception Staff

Reception staff can also welcome and reassure visitors. To do so, they need an appropriate, comfortable workstation. The base of most workstations is a desk, although the specifics of a reception desk can change depending on the reception area and staff. For example, some large offices feature large reception areas with more than one receptionist working at a time. They need large desks that can accommodate multiple employees and their relevant technology. Smaller offices with a single receptionist will need smaller desks.

Sufficient Lighting for Patrons and Staff

Patrons need to be able to see your business name or logo, and reception staff need to be able to see their workstations. To provide sufficient lighting for both parties, your reception area should feature multiple lighting options. The reception desk should feature optional task lighting for focused work. The greater reception area should feature ambient and overhead lighting to ensure everyone in the space can see well.

Comfortable Seating for Patrons

Your office may be efficient, but there will still likely be times when patrons need to wait for service. You should offer them comfortable seating options so that they can relax, even if the wait is short. Offer both couches and individual chairs so groups of people and singular patrons can all find comfortable seats. Arrange the seating options so that the people using them can see when an employee comes into the reception area to retrieve them.

Helpful Accessories for Patrons

Don’t make your patrons sit and twiddle their thumbs while they wait. Provide helpful amenities that make them grateful they’ve chosen to do business with you. Charging ports and coffee machines are the two most helpful amenities that your patrons will appreciate. Free Wi-Fi and snacks are also great options to offer if you can afford to do so.

The key features of a fully equipped office reception area make your office better for visiting patrons and more functional for reception staff. If you need reception seating or other furniture for your office, bluespace interiors can help. Our furniture and assistive services will help your office thrive.