Achieve Flexibility
with Hoteling Stations

The hybrid office environment has become a staple of the “return to office” movement across many industries today. This blend of a remote and in-office workforce has highlighted the functionality and need for the Hoteling Workstation.

The hoteling workstation can simply be characterized as a communal desk, workstation, or office that different people use as needed when returning to the office in a hybrid setting. This can be achieved through the use of reservation-based meeting rooms or desks, laptop-accessible docking flexibility and multiuse spaces. Utilizing the same space as a private office on one day and then as a shared meeting room on another demonstrates this perfectly. With the reduced need for as many dedicated workstations related to employee count (real estate), more investments can be made into meeting and collaborative spaces as well as technology and other dynamic workspace improvements.

Allowing employees the autonomy to work where and when they work most efficiently increases productivity and overall well-being. For companies with frequent-traveling staff members or hybrid employees, hoteling provides a convenient solution to efficiently utilize office real estate and accommodate different work styles. Hoteling Workstations are one smart way to adapt to the forward-facing hybrid workspace. We look forward to working with you on a Hybrid Workspace that works specifically for your company’s needs.