Pandemic Challenges: Building Classroom Community & Culture

A school’s culture is defined by student experiences every year. Homecoming games, pep rallies, and even late-night study sessions make up some of those examples.

As we move through Q1 2021, some institutions are now teaching in-person. Others continue to operate remotely, while still others have implemented a combination of both methods. Regardless of the method, students will not experience some of the great social interactions that define their experiences in school.

As students attend in-person, we see classrooms and common areas on campus have adapted. Challenges to be more flexible and changes in capacity don’t have to threaten a school’s deep-rooted culture. 

Community Spaces are Here to Stay

Cafeterias, dining halls libraries and other collaborative spaces are often central to a college or high school campus. These environments can retain that prestige, even when social distancing is in place. Examples might include library furniture arranged to facilitate six feet of distance among students and limit capacity. Facilities management adding height-adjustable screens to create office-like stations in computer labs. Students have the ability to lower the screens and chat at a distance when rooms are relatively empty. Cafeterias and dining halls need solutions that can prevent people from bumping into each other. Screens can control the flow of traffic and create barriers between booth seating.

Students miss in-person interactions and as some campuses allow students to return, our dedicated team at bluespace interiors is ready to make that return easier and create a perfect environment, even when social distancing is the norm. 

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