Post-Pandemic Classrooms with Safety in Mind

The 2020 school year was a challenge to say the least, leaving students and faculty weary. With the start of 2021 educators and administration are diligently working out what the teaching environment will look like with schools re-opening. Space is an issue and some staff will contemplate whether the sole option will be students seated six feet apart in separate desks. 

At bluespace interiors, we know important elements like collaboration and movement are vital to learning. We are promoting the use of flexible layouts that will reinforce social distancing short term, while accommodating a changing learning environment down the road.

Careful Student Collaboration

Social distancing doesn’t have to be the end of group work. Instructors can host collaborative lessons at a safe distance by repositioning desks. Rather than pushing them together in small groups, teachers can arrange desks and chairs in spread-out groups of four. Once it’s safe for students to work in closer proximity, the desks and chairs can be reconfigured.

For Multiple Activities, Go Mobile

For multi-purpose settings, educators may prefer to use desks and chairs equipped with casters. As the number of students permitted in a classroom increases, teachers can reconfigure the room to accommodate larger groups for testing or group discussions. Mobile whiteboards and storage carts, allow instructors to maintain social distancing and not be limited to a stationary desk or pushing around heavy furniture to maintain safe spaces.

It’s difficult to predict what the transition back to school will look like. We hope our design tips will help faculty and students adapt. bluespace interiors is here to help.   

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