What Are the Best Practices of Cubicle Etiquette?

What Are the Best Practices of Cubicle Etiquette?

Workplaces enforce many rules to keep work conditions productive, healthy, and safe. Cubicle etiquette is part of those rules. Etiquette generates a customary code for polite and professional behavior, which is ideal for a work environment. Discover some cubicle etiquette best practices, and learn how to enhance your office’s workspace.

Maintain Workspace Boundaries

Cubicles are great for an open office space that also gives employees privacy to work. Sharing desk space, using someone else’s allocated cubicle, and making disruptive visits beats the purpose of enforced boundaries. Constantly breaching someone’s workspace can disrupt their flow and make them feel like their wants and needs aren’t important. Respect your coworkers’ space, and maintain your boundaries.

Don’t Hover Over Others

Whether you are in a cubicle or open layout, it’s best to avoid hovering over coworkers’ shoulders. Being watched while working is intimidating and stressful. Unless asked to look over someone’s work or monitor for implicit behavior, it’s best to focus on your own screens and desk space. Cubicle barriers are designed to provide privacy, allowing people to work without worry of judgment, prying eyes, and distractions.

Contain Noises and Smells

Cubicle designs mitigate visual distractions. However, sounds and smells can still get past them. Distractions interfere with productive and high-quality work, taking people away from their tasks and putting their focus elsewhere. When quota deadlines play a huge part in your business’s success, distractions are the number one enemy.

Loud noises disrupt thought processes, and rich scents can influence people’s comfort, moods, and allergies. The smell of your pumpkin spice candle may bring you joy and kick-start your autumnal spirit, but it can also give your coworker headaches and uncontrollable sneezing fits. Avoid making or bringing in overpowering scents to minimize workplace distractions.

Ask Permission to Borrow Supplies

Work desks are people’s one-stop shop for all their work needs, from equipment to comfort items. Many people customize and organize their cubicle to achieve ideal work conditions and streamline their work process.

Borrowing or stealing items from a coworker’s cubicle without permission disrupts their system, negatively affecting their workflow. Just because you share an office doesn’t give you permission to use other people’s items whenever you want. Ask permission before borrowing your coworker’s supplies to ensure you don’t disrupt their setup.

Cubicle office designs come in many different forms, from classic large panel walls to open glass barriers. At bluespace interiors, we can help you find the best cubicle office workstation design for an open office layout that caters to your needs. With our office designs and these cubicle etiquette best practices, your office will run on smooth operations that’ll lead you to success. Contact us today to start designing your cubicles, and we’ll enhance your workspace in many ways!