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Solving the Issue of a Distracted and Noisy Work Environment

In 2019, approximately 75% of offices in the United States have an open concept floor plan. Long gone are the days when large corner offices and tiny, gray cubicles were the standard. The open office floor plan was supposed to encourage collaboration, energy, efficiency and community. While the concept technically predates the 1940’s, open office […]

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What I discovered after using a standing desk for 1 year

by Andy Ramage – Co-founder Aalpha Energy & Author OneYearNoBeer The research suggests that sitting all day is bad for our health but would losing our chairs improve performance? I decided to make a stand and find out. The first thing I discovered about standing desks is that you don’t have to wait for the $2k super […]

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The ROI of Standing Desks

A simple way to increase the efficiency in an office setting is to invest in ergonomic sit-stand desks, also known as height adjustable desks. Standing desks create a more ergonomic workplace by allowing employees to work more comfortably while providing the flexibility perform work by sitting or standing. These desks can be raised or lowered […]

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The ROI of Workspace Wellness Design – Biophilia

The impacts of employee wellness programs, such as fitness center memberships, tobacco cessation programs and workspace wellness design, have been well documented as having both a favorable ROI (return on investment) for employers and a stabilizing factor for the workforce itself. Then, there’s the ‘human design’ factor via ergonomics as a sub-component to employee wellness, […]