3 Future Trends of the Office Cafeteria

We have all heard different theories about the future of the workplace, and at this point, it is refreshing to accept that no one has all of the answers. With all of the unknowns surrounding the return to work, one thing we all accept is the need for change. One of the most obvious changes starts with dining spaces.

1. Consider Cafeteria Reconfiguration: Many real estate professionals who track the hospitality and food-service industries believe the office cafeteria is here to stay. On-site dining will be a work perk that draws and retains employees as the economy improves. With that said, corporate dining will need to be reconfigured. Portions of indoor café seating will be removed as tables are placed at least 6 feet apart, and outdoor spaces will play a larger role when they are available. Supply your property managers or facility directors with ideas and inspiration on how to furnish an outdoor space that supports ways to continue collaborative dining. The options are endless, but here are a few examples of what outdoor dining and seating could look like for a variety of tenants.

2. Enable Touchless Payment Systems: Multi-vendor food halls will continue to be a viable option in urban areas; however, they will need to rework their models in order to keep up with the convenience and speed workers experienced with at home delivery services. This will require technology like touchless payment and apps that allow customers to order ahead. These so-called “ghost kitchens,” when placed on the ground floor of office buildings, greatly increase their financial prospect because they draw in customers from both their tenants and neighboring businesses.

3. Mitigate the Spread with Touchless Technologies: the spread of infection will be of upmost importance to make office employees feel comfortable in their future dining spaces. bluespace interiors offers a variety of touchless technologies that can be used in the workspace and cafeteria to help everyone feel safe. Learn more about how we can work with your designers and property managers to mitigate infection at your tenants’ spaces when returning to work. As we try to navigate the new normal, bluespace interiors is here to help with any of your questions or needs.

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