Pandemic Campus Life: What Does It Look Like?

8 p.m. Movie Night

After several hours of reading, our student is ready to head back to his dorm. Meeting up in the common room for a movie night, the lounge furniture has been arranged into a theater-like layout with social distancing in mind.

Despite all of the changes and adaptations to his regular college routine, our student grabs a flavored seltzer water and bag of chips, kicks his feet up on an ottoman and settles in.

Evolving the College Experience

Much has changed since the beginning of the previous school year. When will colleges be able to operate the same way they used to is anyone’s guess? However, the college experience will continue, students will continue to learn, seeking out mentors and making new friends.

With some careful planning and design alterations, schools can support their students so students can create their own memorable experiences and cherish their college years. bluespace interiors is here to help.

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4 p.m. Late-Afternoon Study Session

The last class of the day is wrapped up however, the day isn’t over yet. Our student cuts across campus to the library for some study time. Hoping to get there before the rush so he can reserve an individual privacy pod. He wants to isolate himself and get through several chapters of organic chemistry. Pods like these are popular with students wanting individual space to allow for better concentration.

The privacy pods are arranged in rows. This arrangement subtly directs foot traffic helping staff keep tabs on the number of students flowing in and out of the library. When the pod is in use, a light goes on while a motion-activated ceiling fan provides the student with fresh air.