Re-Designs to Prioritize Health Safety in Schools

Schools should be safe and comfortable spaces for students, teachers, and other staff. They encourage people of all ages to learn, grow, and succeed. At bluespace interiors, we offer design and furniture solutions that enhance health safety in schools, elevating learning and working conditions.

Collaborate with bluespace experts to create ideal classroom designs and other relevant functional spaces, from calming breakrooms to safeguarded administrative offices. We offer lounge furniture that prioritizes comfort and distance safety, classroom desks with transparent dividers, tattoo flex screens, and an array of flexible design solutions worth exploring. You can get help from bluespace interiors to increase health safety in schools as you redesign your educational space today. For quotes and to ask additional questions, contact our team.

Safer School Environment

80% of teachers are concerned about their own health and risks regarding a return to in-person teaching for this school year, as shown in a recent NPR/Ipsos poll. This presents a challenge for the leaders of education around the country. To ease the worries of educators, we have some simple design alterations to implement and make the school environment safer and healthier in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Safe Classroom Configuration

A teacher’s home base is the classroom. Their desk is essential to oversee the class, write lesson plans, grade papers and speak with students. Safeguarding this home base is more important than ever, in the middle of the pandemic. The bluespace interiors’ specialists can custom fit transparent dividers to fit teachers’ and students’ desks mitigating the spread of germs while allowing for continued line of sight.

Tattoo Flex Screen

Additional security can be provided by staging a Tattoo Flex Screen near an entrance to hold a storage caddy with hand sanitizer and extra masks. Tattoo Screens are available with a whiteboard surface to allow for daily messages.

Safe, Calming Breakrooms

The teachers’ lounge is a getaway space to meet with fellow educators, review lesson plans and reenergize. With the added stress of the pandemic, reporting to work or dealing with worried parents and safety protocols is a concern; teachers need a welcoming space, safe and clean where they can relax or share time with others.

MyPlace Lounge Furniture Collection

Safe distancing can be achieved with larger-scale seating. Solutions include the MyPlace Lounge Furniture Collection. Large-scale lounge chairs anchor parts of the room while offering a natural buffer between everyone.

Our Connection Zone Lockers

A private space for storing lunch and extra masks can also direct foot traffic and delineate space in large breakrooms. Our Connection Zone Lockers can provide these benefits and are available in many sizes and security options.

Safeguarding Administrators

Administrative offices are often busy with guidance counselors meeting students, parents dropping off forgotten sports equipment and general foot traffic. The need for a clean and healthy front office, to protect all who enter is vital.

Flexible Design Solutions

bluespace interiors offers flexible design solutions for administrators by prioritizing privacy and social distancing now and preparing for an open floorplan in the future. Tattoo Flex Screens will divide desks; add toppers to create extra height between workstations. Equip desks with Universal Height-Adjustable Screens. Staff can lift up to interact with visitors and push down for divided separation.

Finding Relief during Uncertainty

As schools open around the county, teachers and other staff members have increasingly expressed concerns about returning. bluespace interiors’ specialists will mitigate the uncertainty by implementing simple and smart design solutions like transparent dividers and Universal Height-Adjustable Screens, markerboard Tattoo Screens for sanitizing stations and messages, MyPlace Lounge Furniture and storage solutions with Our Connection Zone Lockers, so schools and their communities will be prepared, equipped and safe. Let’s get started, request a quote today.

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