4 Modern Office Features To Include in Your Private Office

Private offices are a great addition to the workspace for managers and employees. Many modern workplaces have personal spaces for managers as well as a few spaces for employees to utilize. Some companies allow their personnel to book a private office to help them eliminate distractions. Make the most of this business asset with these modern features to include in your private office.

The Appropriate Decor

Decor can make or break the way we feel in any space. Key features such as color and lighting hold psychological impacts and can affect how well we focus. Employees are more or less productive depending on the type of lighting and wall color these private offices use. Aim to use shades of blue to promote workflow and daylight bulbs to promote energy.

As previously stated, light is vital to the work environment. If possible, aim to have private offices available along the exterior of the building so they can let in as much natural light as possible, especially on those sunny days. The sun’s natural warmth helps keep our minds engaged, making focusing on tasks easier.

An Open Concept

Often, employees go to their manager when they need help, so a private office should still foster the same team-building environment as other offices in your workplace. Additionally, many managers utilize private offices to handle large projects and lead team meetings with minimal distractions, but that doesn’t mean the office should feel closed off.

With an open-concept office, you can provide seating for clients and a small table and chairs or a sofa so clients and employees alike can sit comfortably when collaborating.

Ergonomic Furniture

Another modern office feature to include in your private office is an ergonomic setup. You should have a standing desk and a comfortable chair that helps you sit up straight. In addition to adjustable-height desks and chairs, you should add standing mats to care for your foot health when you decide to work while standing.

Pro Tip

Many of us don’t move around as much as we should while at work, which can lead to back pain from too much sitting. Including a treadmill-desk or portable treadmill in your private office will allow you to work ergonomically while also moving your body.

Glass Walls

A private office shouldn’t feel secluded, even with a door that’s shut. While managers may close their doors at times, doing so regularly can make employees feel isolated. Glass walls show your employees that although you’re not at the cubical next door, you’re still present and available if they need assistance.

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