5 Tips for Navigating a Hybrid Workplace

Working in a hybrid environment gives employees the best of both worlds. They can come to work on select days to collaborate with coworkers and work from home other days to flex their independence. In this article, we’ll lay out some of our top tips to creating a hybrid workplace so you can help your employees thrive.

Know What Works for Your Employees

The most important thing is that you determine what works best for your employees. Some people get more work done at home, away from the excitement and distractions that can occur when working in an office. On the other hand, individuals may feel less motivated at home.

Everyone is different and knowing where your employees work best can help everyone manage their time effectively. By offering select days employees can work from home, you can help alleviate any immense pressure they may feel on days when they have to go into the office.

Optimize Work Environments

Another top tip for creating a successful hybrid workplace is to make both in-office and remote workspaces comfortable. Employees should have a set reimbursement fund for buying what they need to make their home office comfortable; and in the office building, all stations should have ergonomic desks and chairs, and wrist rests to accompany mice and keyboards. If the office has an open floor plan, employees should be able to easily see each another to promote open communication.

Take Advantage of Technology

Your employees will need constant and simple access to various documents when working in a hybrid office. Saving everything to their computer’s hard drive may not always be the best option, especially if they’re working on a desktop. Instead, establish a company-wide digital cloud account, so everyone will have access to their documents no matter where they are.

This is more efficient for everyone, especially HR as they send multiple updates and other documents concerning employee and company records.

Have Various Communication Methods

When workers are in the office, reaching out to coworkers is simple since they may be a cubical away. However, when they work remotely, communication barriers become more frequent as you’ll have to rely on instant messages and video calls.

Strive to discuss pertinent information when people are in the office and set up a system for remote work. For example, employees can be asked to return messages within a set timeframe unless otherwise specified due to meetings or heavy workloads.

Encourage Employees To Come In

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals had to work from home, and some now prefer the new routine. But working in an office has various benefits such as in-person team-building activities and improved communication methods, things you can’t always get at home.

Set up days when you encourage workers to come into the office. Many successful hybrid companies offer lunch to employees on these days or focus on team-building events. Encouraging workers to go into the office can help improve their overall experience with the company, which leads to more success for everyone.

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