Monday Moodboards

Wellness in the Workplace

Creating a wellness-focused workspace provides long-term benefits for employees and their employers. Healthy employees have higher satisfaction in the workplace, are more productive and less prone to experience injury.

Achieve Flexibility with
Hoteling Stations

The hybrid office environment has become a staple of the “return to office” movement across many industries today. This blend of a remote and in-office workforce has highlighted the functionality and need for the Hoteling Workstation.

Technology for the Hybrid Workspace

The hybrid workspace requires flexible and seamless solutions to unite employees working from the office and those working from home. Collaboration spaces for virtual and in-person meetings equipped with plug-and-play power sources make group work easy by effortlessly charging individual devices.

Flexibility in the Office

As companies return to the workspace the functionality of the “Multipurpose Space” is more important than ever. Mobile furniture allows the ability for flexible adaptations of a single space to accommodate focus work, collaboration, and creative touchdown workspaces.

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