Ways To Update Office Space Without Renovation

Ways To Update Office Space Without Renovation

Many professionals want their office spaces to look new and fresh but don’t have the time or funds for a full renovation. Thankfully, there are many ways to update office space without renovation. We offer five ideas below that allow you to easily refresh your space.

Allow Desk Accessories

Desk accessories are a great way to spruce up a workstation. While some professionals worry that these accessories are unattractive or distracting, they’re actually a great way to make your office look welcoming and friendly.

Consider purchasing colorful desk mats, pen holders, and ergonomic chairs. These accessories will make employees feel comfortable and add a pop of color to the office. Allow employees to add personal touches, such as family photos, diplomas, and rugs, so that each workstation is unique.

Change Wall Décor

Wall décor can transform a dull office into a lively and inspiring space. Use art prints, decals, or murals to improve the office’s aesthetic appeal. Consider hiring a local artist to paint a custom mural for a truly unique look.

You could also feature motivational quotes or your company’s mission statement on the walls. This will keep your employees motivated and remind them of the larger purpose driving their work.

Improve Lighting

Lighting is a significant factor that affects employees’ productivity and mood. Make sure your office has natural light, or invest in new desk lamps and overhead lights. Ensure the lighting is bright enough for employees to complete their work and soothing enough to prevent headaches.

Talk to your employees about their preferences, and create a lighting plan that works for everyone. Improving lighting in this way makes work better for them and makes it easier for visitors to see.

Add Plants

Another way to make your office space seem livelier is to add plants. Plants have some significant benefits. They improve air quality, reduce stress levels, and enhance productivity.

Consider placing low-maintenance plants, such as succulents and spider plants, around the office. Employees can water and care for these plants, which can create a sense of responsibility and camaraderie.

Invest in Collaborative Furniture

Collaborative furniture can transform a regular office into a modern space for teamwork. Invest in modern office lounge chairs and ottomans for a more inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

Arrange the chairs in groups to create conversation spaces for breakout sessions or socialization among coworkers. Having these spaces can vastly enhance the work experience and company culture within the workplace.

You can implement just one or all of these ways to update office space without renovation. If you want to invest in modern collaborative office furniture, bluespace interiors can help. We offer high-quality furniture for various areas around your office, including shared spaces.