New Paradigms in Higher Education

From cyberspace to physical space, we understand the needs of higher learning. We’re at the forefront of new ways to design and deliver responsive educational spaces with innovations that complement today’s current educational concepts and university furniture that supports the learning environments of the future – fluid, interactive, engaging. Contact us to hear how bluespace […]

K-12 Learning Environments

As education providers head into unchartered territory, how will their physical spaces need to adapt and evolve? In response to an economy evolving away from the industrial era, there is an enormous transformation underway in K-12 education and learning. Contact us to hear how bluespace interiors can help.

A Better Workplace from the Floor Up

We believe that space matters; that the workspace can inspire creativity and collaboration, encourage wellness, and contribute to your culture. Allow us to develop your customized flooring strategy to deliver the right products for the right space. Our portfolio of flooring products fits every need; we offer carpet tiles, broadlooms, woven carpets, area rugs, LVT, […]

LeanTo – A Private Work Nook We Love

We all seek those places. The nooks and corners to escape, to collect our thoughts, and center ourselves. We’re also drawn to cozy settings to have conversations with colleagues and friends. Welcome to LeanTo. Outfitted to feel like it was built into your space all along, these furniture nooks are a turnkey way to create […]

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The Comfy Workspace 2019 Collection

Browse our latest collection of comfy work space furniture below and let’s plan a more comfortable and engaged workplace together. Work Lounge Fall2019Collection by on Scribd