Redesigns seem like daunting projects that require a lot of money and time—precious commodities. Like any major decision in the workspace, investing in your business offers many benefits. It broadens up multiple opportunities that’ll continue to provide in the long run. Here are four reasons why you should consider redesigning your reception area and the many benefits of a revamped space.

Positive First Impressions Matter to Visitors

Reception areas are the first thing visitors see of your business. They represent different aspects of your company, from your values to your professionalism.

An open and homey reception area fitted with large windows, warm colors, and lounge sets shows guests you’re a down-to-earth, community-centered workspace. On the other hand, a sleek and elegant reception area with industrious furnishings made from high-quality materials and minimalistic décor gives off a professional, upscale, and formal business vibe.

Your office’s first impression on visitors—guests, clients, potential employees, and partners—affects their experience and opinion of your business. Redesigning your reception space allows you to improve your first impressions and create a reputable image.

Reception Areas Influence the Start of the Workday

On top of welcoming guests, your office’s reception greets your employees. Like the finish line to a race, crossing the reception area is the beginning and end of one’s workday. Redesigning the reception area allows you to curate a space that’ll set your employees’ workday off on the right foot.

A warm, casual, and welcoming reception space ensures people start their day feeling comfortable. A simple and professional atmosphere helps employees switch into work mode. A bright and colorful reception area puts people in a creative mood. Your welcoming space influences the start of workdays, affecting your employees’ performance, productivity, and mood.

Hospitality Best Practices Are Evolving

In the past, reception areas merely functioned as waiting rooms, providing the bare minimum—seating and magazines to occupy visitors. Nowadays, reception spaces are additional hangout areas equipped with hospitality attributes:

  • Snacks and beverages
  • TVs and public computers
  • Board games and reading materials
  • Diverse seating options

Redesigns allow you to upgrade your spaces to match current times, from trends to best practices. They enhance a room’s atmosphere and create new experiences for your workspace.

Redesigns Allow You To Update Your Look

Along with modernizing your space to suit current times and expectations, redesigns allow you to update your company’s brand. Redesigning transforms your office’s interior, whether you are completely switching gears with a new image—different color schemes or logo changes—or replacing worn paneling, repainting, or adding more decorative embellishments. Updating the look of your reception area brings life back to the space and affects the way the room feels.

Redesigning your reception area offers many benefits, from creating better first impressions to changing the space’s atmosphere. No matter how big or small the changes, a little restyling goes a long way to transform your space. Redesign your reception areas into welcoming spaces that enhance your office with a new and improved reception desk from Bluespace Interiors.